Tina Frausin visual art


Different material is and has always been my passion. I once started out with painting, then discovered clay and sculpture. After that I trained five years in Denmark to become an glass-artist, but nowadays my artistic focus lies on the possibilities and expressions of materials in a wider definition.

I work both with unique sculptures and installations as well as commissions for public spaces. My work is often tactile, sculptures and images that invites to be experienced with all  senses. The  starting point is often my interest in crafts and handicrafts that are inserted in a new context and viewed upon from a different perspective.

I think that in today’s busy society art is needed as a counterpoint to entrepreneurship, consumption, capitalism, rationalism and efficiency. From this point of view grows my desire to create art, mythical objects that speaks to the young at heart and portrays a different reality through happines and joy. Playful, life-affirming shapes and bright colours will be the tools I use for telling my story.

The expression is free and playful with associations and surprises. I want people to feel happy when they experience my work.



November 2015: Embroidered cabana, Art month Ameland, Netherlands

November 2016: Time - groupexhibition at Ronneby Arthall, Sweden

September 2016: Solo exhibition, Sintra Gallery Gothenburg, Sweden

Pubic commissions in progress:

Wonderland - Waitingroom for children’s section.

Skaraborgs hospital in Skövde. ”If you do not know where you are going you will end up somewhere else! -Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland”

Glowing Home - Group of sculptures in Sveaparken Katrineholm. ”Small rooms or dwellings set the mind on the right path: large ones cause it to go astray” -Leonardo da Vinci

Embroided fences:

Rabbit proof fence II can be seen at Bruksgatan in Göteborg. Commissioned by HSB. http://gatukonstkartan.se/#verk=38

Home sweet home, embroded fence can be seen at Backaplan in Göteborg. Commissioned by KF-fastigheter. http://gatukonstkartan.se/#verk=47

Knitted sculpture with music made from sounds of knitting-machines at permanent display at Smart Textiles in Borås.