Tina Frausin visual art


Embroided fences

I've thought a lot about different things that you see everyday in our public spaces. In the area where I live there are lots of Gunnebo fences in various designs. The fences are surrounding the kindergarten, the school, the football grund, the demolition sites and even the library. I can not with the best will in the world claim them to be beautiful, fencing are there for a purely practical reason.

I want to use the fences for something aesthetically fun. They are just like a giant canvas just waiting to be filled with embroidery. With so many running meters of Gunnebo fences as there are in our public spaces you could reproduce the Bordeaux tapestry 100 times if there were time and permission.

This fence was comissioned autumn 2013 by KF fastigheter. Backaplan is a shopping centre in Göteborg surrounded by lots of net fences. The embroidery is situated opposite a huge carpark. The title and motifs with hearts  ”Home sweet home”  wants to create a welcoming felling to the area.